Defeating theory, part II

So, let's get started :).

Model case

Close the book, grab some clothes, go outside, I will tell you something about Magick.

You look out of the window with suspicious face, weather isn't very good today, the rain doesn't look like ideal condition for the journey. OK, change the weather.

You get outside, you think that you could go grab some food while you are there, ouch, traffic light says that you should wait. Fine, change the light and let's get going, there is a lot of things we have to do before we can call it a day.

Fast food is far away. Go for public transportation service, there is a mundane solution for that.

You are in the bus when you notice a beautiful lady/guy in front of you, sitting there and reading newspaper. Only problem is that you cannot really see her/his face as (s)he is turned away. Time to make the subject turn back at you, focus...

Fine, you got out of the bus and now you even have someone's number, nice catch, now let's go to grab the food. You are waiting in a horribly big queue, waiting slowly makes you angry... Perfect! Time to beat your anger with some self-control, induce different emotion to make the previous one melt and vanish.

You are finally first in the queue and you are ordering, use telepathy to suggest the cashier to give you some extra fries, pay and go away.

Give the extra fries to some homeless guy you meet on the street, go to the park to eat your meal, when you are in that you can also suggest that dog owner in front of you that he should really collect his pet's poo and throw it to suitable container.

Go grab some coffee, it's time for the relax. It's slowly also time to go to bus to get home, but coffee is still hot. Why don't you simply make it to lower its temperature?

You successfully got on the bus and you are on your way home, the end.

That sounds fine, but could I do any of that? I don't know how

Then I don't see a reason why you are reading these books when they didn't teach you that. Intention, focus, dedication, desire. You can use visualization, you can say what you want in your mind or you can simply focus on what you want. You also can use affirmations, litanies, silent mantras, sigils, whatever feel suitable for you. There are so many methods how to manifest your desire and the only thing you have to do is to experiment and find out what is the most suitable method for you.


  1. "Sorcery has been called Magic: but Magic is Wisdom, and there is no wisdom in Sorcery." -Paracelsus

  2. You keep using that phrase. I don't think it means what you think it means ;-). In reality, there is no wisdom in arm-chairing, there is no wisdom in blindly following exercises of your order, there is no wisdom in living in the shadow of someone else. Wisdom comes through practice.

  3. "When virtue is lost, benevolence appears, when benevolence is lost right conduct appears, when right conduct is lost, expedience appears. Expediency is the mere shadow of right and truth; it is the beginning of disorder." - Lao Tzu

  4. Then you are seeing something else than I see ;-). My procedures are not based on expediency, but on results, what I teach is Magick that produces results, results that are visible, touchable, results that omit any skepticism. Whether my students then choose to follow the Light, dive into Darkness or follow my Path is their call, till that time I have to make sure they will know that it works and they can use it anytime they need it.

    Now, when you were talking about expedience... I find the worst kind of expediency in practitioners that do not help others for keeping their energy for their own ascension, maybe we just have different values when it comes to expediency ;-)

  5. During the time when I was the most active in mediation, I became aware of a pool if golden/clear energy above my head, but I don't take this to prove any of the Hindu chakra systems, since saints also supposedly had such a center. I can still observe this energy at will, and suspect it its the only natural such center.


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