Defeating theory, part I


I am going to create a series of articles talking about theory versus practice in Magick. Reason for that is to help those who wish to practice but are scared of possible road blocks. In this part we will focus on some general ideas behind Magick

Part I: I should know all theory before starting with practice

Actually opposite is truth, more mental garbage you have associated with Magick before starting with your practice, worse it will be. You don't really need to know much to start with practice and through practice you will get a lot of knowledge on your own.

Call it sorcery, if you wish, still I would rather be sorcerer than arm chair. Magick started with practice and through practice science was born. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, it all started with Magicians. Unfortunately Magick lost its leading role on scientific field during the ages, all the arm chairs do now is using scientific labels for Magickal phenomena to make it sound more "scientific".

Ether, electro-magnetic fluids, collective unconsciousness, archetypes, metaphysical energy, chaos theory, quantum theory, subtle energies... Do you know what is the difference between these labels? Some were already declined and some are going to be declined in the future. Science still develops and Magicians cannot keep in the flow when they are using theories that are going to be outdated some day.

Demon became part of the psyche, then part of the ether, then part of the subconsciousness, then some information in information matrix called reality... From my personal experience I can say that the demon is still demon no matter which scientific label you use and no matter in what you believe.

Regarding belief: Jaroslav Polak and Jozef Karika, two very good Czech occultists wrote a course book about Magick. There was very interesting part that I am going to quote:
"I don't really believe in fairies, elementals, demons, gods. I do not believe in Magick at all except the times when I practice. When you meet a fairy, relevance of your belief/non-belief equals to zero".

When you meet some "supernatural" being, you don't really care about your beliefs and about labels at the moment, first idea that goes through your mind when you meet a demon created from black shadow with flaming eyes isn't "Do I believe in this guy? Is he the etheric projection of my subconsciousness?", it is more something like "Ok, am I fucked, now?".

Take this to your heart. Don't care about labels, make your own if you want to name things. After all, ability to name something and control it through the name is Magicians' real source of power. Don't use scientific labels of theories that are going to be outdated sooner or later and don't study Magickal theories based on these labels, their explanation is fine, but just till the point when the scientific theory behind the Magickal one is still taken as slightly positive.

Do you want explanation for how Magick works? Don't search it in books, it's not there. Go search it yourself. You will probably find out sooner or later that there is no objective explanation. If I can give you a suggestion, don't care about how Magick works, you could break it. Take as a radio. If you are going to open the radio for the first time in your life because you simply want to know how it works, you might get it to the state when you won't be able to re-assemble it ever again. Magick works because it works.


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