Boosting observation ability

In certain cases we need to boost our ability to observe so we can quickly come up with solutions. I will show you a very simple trick how to temporarily boost the observation ability.

Observation, as any other mental ability, is associated with the Air element. This makes things pretty simple.
First thing you have to do is to visualize Air element and impregnate it with property we want, in this case with the property stating that we want to be better observers. This is very simple because we are already surrounded by Air element and both air and information we want to use are transparent (no hard visualization there).
After impregnation is set up we just need to get the Air element to our body through pore breathing (or once again, visualization). After our body is full of impregnated element, we simply move it all to the brain.

That's all. No cleansing is required because we are automatically going to deplete the element we have gathered through our work.


  1. Neat technique! It's a simple yet advanced technique. Hopefully in the future... I get to try this! I always wanted to have observational abilities a la Sherlock Holmes! He's my role model for that!


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