Nine breaths


Nine breaths is old eastern exercise for balancing energies in one's body. From personal experience I can say that this exercise can reduce duration of sickness, can boost the clairvoyance level a bit and has great centering effects, what I present here is Tibetan version of the exercise as presented by Bran O. Hodapp in his Magische Spiegel als Tor zu anderen Welten (very good book about Magick mirrors, btw).

Start of the exercise

Sit comfortably in your favorite asana and relax, take few deep breaths to calm down and to get ready. Rest your hands in your lap, left hand should rest on the right hand, hands should be open and with palms facing upwards. Make sure that your back is straight.
Imagine three channels going all the way from the root chakra up to the crown chakra (from head to spine). Central channel is blue, males have right channel white and left channel red. Females have right channel red and left channel white.

First three breaths (male version)

Lift your right hand up and use your ring finger to hold your right nostril (thumb should be pushing on the root of the ring finger). Breath in the green healing light with your left nostril, Put your right hand down and then use your left hand in the same manner to block your left nostril and breath out lightly blue smoke from your right nostril. This smoke represents male negative energy.
Repeat this exercise 3 times.

First three breaths (female version)

Because males and females have the side channels switches then females start first exercise with left hand for breath-in and right hand for breath-out, rest of the exercise is same, for that reason I will write the rest of the exercises in male version and I kindly ask my female readers to simply substitute right/left in the exercises.

Second three breaths

Use your left hand to hold your left nostril and inhale green healing light into your right nostril. Switch hands and breath out pink smoke from your left nostril. This smoke represents female negative energy.
Repeat this exercise 3 times

Final three breaths

Now let your hands rest in your lap for this whole exercise, inhale healing energy in colors of rainbow and fill both of your side channels with this energy, make sure to visualize how this energy bridges from side channels to the main center channel in the root chakra during the end of inhale.
During exhale visualize how this rainbow energy elevates to your crown chakra. At the same time visualize black smoke leaving your crown chakra while your central channel is being filled with the energy. This smoke represent the main channel being cleansed of negative energy.


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