Oath Breaker: Mastery of elements exercise


I have made my mind to once more break the oath of silence and share with you another advanced technique. This technique is basically the essence of Magick. It is simple technique, you will immediately remember it, but it's dangerous for beginners and you will find out why during the course.

Quality of elements

Those of you who know IIH, you also know that each element has both positive and negative quality. In MHP we don't really care about these qualities, elements are taken as wholes. Advantage of this doing is withing much greater source of energy, energy MHP can use is raw, powerful and aggressive. That's why there is also a disadvantage. Leading unfiltered full elemental energy into your body creates a great distress and if this energy is kept in the body, major elemental imbalance happens. Such stress to your body can easily develop into sickness, being it mental, emotional or physical.

Procedure of the exercise

Procedure is pretty simple, one by one, you invoke elemental energy into your body and then you let it out. In the beginning you visualize being surrounded by the specific element, then you slowly start inhaling the energy with pore breathing. After your astral body is full of the energy, then you exhale the energy with the pore breathing.
During fire element, you should see flames all around you and you should feel sensations of the heat. Transparent water visualization with sensations of cold for water element, transparent visualization with feeling of lightness for air element and green/brown/black visualization with feeling of the heaviness for the earth element.


Make sure that after working with each element you feel just like before the exercise. Even a small fragment of the element left in your body may lead to major changes. Always make sure that all of the invoked element gets out of you.

What's next

I wish to continue in the oath breaker series and slowly expose a whole system of Magick in it. In this series you will learn the most efficient way how to work in Astral plane. Look forward for the next article in the series.


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