Simple but powerful protection amulet

I have shared this method for creating amulet with one of my clients and I was thinking that when I have this already written down in English, I might share it here as well.

1) Get some small container (glass is the best). The container should be small enough so you can wear it on the neck.

2) Fill the container with salt

3)Breath on the salt in the container for 3 times and then place your hand above the container and say aloud the following incantation:
In isto sale sit sapientia et ab omni corruptione conservet sicut mentes nostras et corpora nostra, per Hochmael et in virtute Ruash-Hochmael, recedant ab isto fantasmata hylae, ut sit sal coelestis, sal terrae et terra salis, ut nutrietur bos triturans et addat spei nostrae cornua tauri voluntatis. Amen.

4) Then seal the container, attach some string and wear it in your neck.


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