About empathy and the use in the occult

General description
Empathy is an ability to feel into another person, to get the first hand experience on how the person feels, what are the problems of the person, etc. Empathy is a part of our survival programming, it helps to connect people into groups, hence assuring the protection of the mass.

Now it can seem hard to understand what are the implications in the occult terms, but rest assured that what is above is below and that everything mundane has metaphysical part, as well, and the subtle version of empathy is one of the finest and most useful.

The new level of empathy
Have you ever attended some martial arts training? Or some sort of traing where an exact execution of the movement was required? Things like martial arts, gymnastics, dance, require us to learn complicated movements. Now what if I told you you can learn these movements much faster by using empathy?

Every movement is associated with a set of feelings. If you are able to feel into the teacher, if you are able to grasp the feeling teacher has during performing some movement, it will be much easier to learn the move if you replicate the feeling. Take it as a form you set for yourself and do the move to fill this form. With this simple trick you will be a master in no time.

This of course works also the other way round? Are you able to do a cartwheel in just one direction? To just one side? Flip the feeling you have during the cartwheel to the other side and then replicate it. Chances are you will do a perfect cartwheel on the first try.

This is the most useful technique, especially considering the modern world. Today people often do not know each other personally, chances also are they live far from each other but are still in contact thanks to the fruits of the information age. If you want to affect such a person through occult means, and all you have is his account name on the forum, all you have to do is to use empathy.

Whoever we communicate with creates a metaphysical link between us. On the emotional level it is the feeling you have when you interact with this person. Once you notice this unique feeling, you will know what I am talking about. Now, if you activate this feeling by thinking about recent interactions with the person, then you can concentrate on the feeling directly during your workings to affect the person in question.

You can also create a sigil for the person and through dedicated concentration in the state of trance you can bind this feeling to the symbol, giving you an easier access to your "target". Many people find it easier to focus on the sigil than on the feeling, so this is your ticket to transform one to the other.


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