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The topic of suicide has appeared on the number of occult forums I frequently visit so I decided to write something about the topic from both mundane and occult sense. Suicide can be defined as a voluntary end of one's own existence, before we talk about the implications of such act, let's make a quick overview of common reasons.

Reasons for suicide
Most common reason is depression, the person thinks that no one loves him/her, no one cares for him/her, this is actually quite common for teenagers. The social background doesn't matter in this case, whether parents are abusive or careless or whether family is rich or poor, this case can still appear.

Another reason (often mixed with the first one) is that people believe they are worthless, that they have no value in the society, no reason for living, this is also a form of depression.

Another common reason is pain, a horrible, persistent, unbearable pain. Pain that cannot be stopped and often immobilizes the person, making him/her believe to be a burden for family which has to care about this person.

Yet another reason was cultural, suicide to make a statement, usually by self-burning or cutting one's wrist. Tibetan monks are known to commit the burning suicide. In Europe there was a fashion called Emo, that often commited the suicide by the wrist cutting because "no one understood them", this represented a cult like mentality and fortunately this subculture came out of fashion and was significantly reduced.

The act
The whole act of the suicide is a very painful procedure, usually persisting of initial act of courage which cannot be taken back no matter what. What I am talking about is that one step from the building or the sliced open wrist. Victim of this act often changes the decision to commit the suicide but it's too late for it. Once you are falling down the building, once you are set afire, once your blood started flowing from your veins, there is very little you can do to stop it.

Many people who survived their suicide attempt were happy they didn't die, during the attempt they realised was a big mistake. These cases are actually reported, so some google search might give you more information.

Implication of suicide from mundane sense
We all have problems, that's how it works. But no matter how unloved, unappreciated or worthless you feel, there is always someone who cares for you and by ending your own life, you will make them suffer. Suicide is actually the most mean and selfish act you can commit, it's the most cruel thing you can do to people who care about you, and trust me, there is always someone.

If your condition makes you be dependable on others, whether your family or your partners, your death won't lift the burden, it will actually increase it. These people take care of you because their love you and your end will hurt them in the most horrible way.

Being worthless is a state of mind, not a fact. We all make bad decisions and these decisions form what we are, but past isn't the creator of future. In future you can be what you want, in future you can achieve anything and mean a lot for many people, maybe even for whole nations. The key to success lies in presence. If you stop with the self-pity and stand up, you can achieve anything you want, you just have to do something for it. Remember, the key lies in what you do right now, at this very moment, shape your future.

Suicide from the occult perspective
First of all I want to make a little spoiler for sensitive people, this is where it gets nasty, so you should probably stop reading right about now.

If, from the mundane perspective there is a belief all troubles end, it's the exact opposite in occult/mystical point of view. With a suicide all the horror actually begins, and much bigger than whatever problems you think you had. So, what exactly happens after a successful suicide?

First of all the link between the body, the spirit and the soul will sever due to the damage you did to the body. This cannot be taken back, remember that. Next part is where you get a lot of new "friends". Astral larvae you created via the suicide, also phantoms of spirits, some lower entities and few more stuff. They all will leech you and make you suffer in the most horrible ways for ethernity. Pain you would never believe is possible, depression worst than ever, also a fear and an inability to do something about it.

Some people will find a way to reduce these problems, by attaching those who loved them during their lives and feeding on their depressions and crying, becoming phantoms or ghouls, leeching energy from their lovers, that will be the only thing that will help them to reduce their own suffering. But the cry for someone doesn't last forever and this possibility will also fade in time, leaving just the horrors, forever, with no way out and no one to help you.

What to do if someone can possibly commit a suicide
If you are suspicious about someone having thoughts about suicide, don't just stand back, speak with the person and make them know you care about them, there are also suicide lines everywhere, find one closest to you and discuss this topic with them, describe what your friend does and how he acts and they will know what to do. Do everything you can to stop this from happening, after all, you can save someone's life, both physical and metaphysical.


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