Cyber Magick

What is Cyber Magick?
Cyber Magick is a quite recent sub-genre of Chaos Magick, putting the every day technology into the use. It also contains some pseudo-technological jargon, e.g. a brain together with spine is called a cpu, but I would like to rather focus on the functional part of this paradigm. After all, you can call your hocus pocus whatever you want, as long as it works.

The main idea behind Cyber Magick is that technology can be used the same way as any occult tool to accomplish your desires. If you think about it, when swords and mirrors were originally used for Magick, they were normal every day items, but the society evolves and Cyber Magicians think this should apply to the occult, as well. From this point of view the traditional forms of Magick looks a little bit dogmatic.

To describe the mentality of Cyber Magick a little bit more, imagine that your old TV or PC monitor would break, but instead of throwing it away, you would use its screen as a scrying device, or old TV's white noise as a nice meditation background. Same way you could invoke some Mercurial deity, ask some question and then randomly pick some numbers on the remote controller, reading the first thing of a whatever teletext page you have appeared at.

Do you need more energy for the ritual? Place a battery in your hand and "drain" it or use it during the ritual as a wand, whatever suits you. Electrical lights are also no longer taboo in Cyber Magick, which really saves a lot of a wax (but increases your electricity bill).

Fruits of Cyber Magick
Many of you have probably heard of a thing called a ghost box. In a simple term it's a radio rapidly switching frequencies, playing whatever fragments of a signal it just arrived at. This is supposedly a tool for a communication with spirits and if you search Youtube, you might e.g. find a guy claiming that he recorded a voice of Robin Williams shortly after his death, that recording is also available.

But speaking about the best Magickal tool for Cyber Magick, there is probably one and only favorite, and each and everyone of you might have one just in your pocket. Think, what device can help you to write down your journal, can contain any possible grimoire, can be used for divination, spell casting, sharing your results with fellow occultists, doing a mass ritual via video conference or planning suitable time for your operations?

Swiss knife of every Cyber Mage
Yes, the talk is about smart phones. With today smartphones it is not a big problem to have whatever eBook ready to read anywhere, keeping your journal (wheter on-line or privately), the range of applications is also amazing. From a simple drawing applications which are perfect for a Sigil Magick, you also have specialized applications for the Magick, with them you can immediately find positions of all the planets, phase of the Moon, you can even do a tarot reading directly in your phone (I sometimes use this one but I don't trust it much).

There are also applications for meditation, hypnosis, binaural beats, white noise and pink noise generation, Youtube (duh) and so many more. Do you want an app for Ouija or maybe some public grimoire where anyone can update? You got it, too. The business part of the occult is so strong and fast that the choice is very broad. Don't you want to pay for a tarot app? I am pretty sure you will find one that suits you and even for free.

A screen of a switched off phone can also be used for scrying, even when normally your mundane and Magickal stuff should be separated, but in this case the worst that will happen will be that the battery dies (which happened to me a couple of times when I was doing Sigils mainly on the phone).


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