Messing around with Namtillaku

So, recently I keep hearing about how great ancestors are, how important they are in Magick, etc, so I decided to give it a try, and of course my middle man is no one else than Namtillaku.Dingir.

First test was conducted today in the bus on the way to the work, preliminary incantations were said silently together with Namtillaku's word of power: BANUTUKUKUTUKKU.

As the next part I have imagined a big open space with a giant dining table with white clothing where all my ancestors could sit next to me and give me advices. I think this settings was a part of the problem, as the voices were very silent, as coming from the distance. In the final conclusion I got an impression that I should focus more on the exercises (physical and metaphysical ones) and also that a theory of evolution has some mutually exclusive conclusions. I would say that it doesn't mean that evolution is fake, it rather means it works a bit differently than understood now, which I think is completely understandable.


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