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toothfairy wrote:

to make a long story short I recently spent several years following a Teacher of Meditation very closely, my whole life was dedicated towards the system of his linage, a mix of Qi gong/Meditation/Tai Chi. 

I have witnessed several teachers within the system to possess quite interesting qualities, such as transfer and manipulation of energies from distance ( subject being thrown great distance without touch etc ). My point is that they definitely possess a great understanding into the nature of manipulating energy, on many levels, exorcising and controlling spirits is considered daily business. 

A teacher and student within this system goes through hard mind training ( not unusual with 4-5 hours of training per day) and normally one is not allowed to teach unless one has gone through 10 years+ training.

Worth mentioning, I would not doubt the teacher would hesitate trying to hurt students which did not bend to the will and control his. A couple has already ended up in mental hospitals, suicide etc.

Whatever ...

For several reasons I decided that I wanted to leave and I did about 8 months ago, 1 month after I left I started to experience serious health problems. I dropped large amounts of vitality affecting my body very negatively during many months. I am thankful for still being alive and even though I am a little bit stronger today I still experience vitality problems and disturbances (doctor tests etc shows nothing). Att several occasions I've been driven to the emergency with body manifesting possession like symptoms ( strong electrical current causing powerful spasms while mind feeling clear ). When I was in really bad shape I got advice from a friend about a Master and managed to put myself on a flight to the other side of the earth (chopping wood up on a mountain for 6 weeks).

I have started to do as much physical exercise as possible to keep my body active and blood flowing, I have also started to do some basic Qi Gong exercises with a different teacher to help my vitality.

I would be very happy and thankful in receiving advice on tools which could be of use to help me further towards strength, on any kind of Rituals or magic which could be performed for health, cleansing, protection and which would be considered fairly "safe", if any such thing exists.

Might also be interested in using services from someone with long experience with the potential to assist.

I might try the following advice the in upcoming days:

Thank you for your time

If you want to know more:


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