Bad omens: continuation

So, people following me for some time know about a post from 9th of January where I was talking about 2 bad omens, a dream about a 5 legged horse and a shattered glass that fell on me during a bus trip to work.

If I think about it now, the meaning of these omens was pretty obvious. Regarding the 5 legged horse it meant the additional leg, something useless that must be removed. Regarding the shattered window my very first thought was: "Damn, that driver will most certainly be fired".

So, here is a continuation of what happened next. This Friday (16th of January) I had a pretty bad argument with my manager, so bad that I was seriously considering to curse him. The argument itself appeared repeatedly in my mind, always partially dragging me into the mental battle. This ended up callin BANRABISHU a couple of times during the weekend.

On Monday I have finally decided to do something about it, so I make a sigil, but not to screw my manager but to simply improve my work situation. Today we have found out there was a big firing going on, 7 people were kicked out of the company. Now, I am a very strongly convinced that I was meant to be one of those fired guys, but only thanks to these 3 omens (including the argument with my manager) I was able to avoid it before even figuring out the real meaning of these omens, but really in the last minute.

It's really strange, on Friday I were like the biggest enemies with my manager and today he was acting completely normal, maybe it really was just another omen, meant to finally push me into action before it's too late.


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