Speak about bad omens

So, I know I didn't post anything in the while, I was trying to figure out what article I could write, but today something awesome happened to me. It starts boringly with a dream, but keep with me, the end is better.

So today I had a dream that one of my horses was lying on his side. I came closer to him to figure out what happened and as I am trying to figure out what is stuck in his chest and then I finally figured it out, that horse had 5 legs.

Horse with 5 legs can mean more things, for me personally it is a bad omen, now I will stop describing the dream and tell you what happened in real life. That will be something worth reading.

So, today, as I was sitting in the bus to Roudnice, trying to interpret that dream, something extraordinary happened. A couple of yards before my stop the bus crossed the path with a truck and 3 side windows of the bus got scattered, I was sitting right next to the second one and fortunately enough I have noticed what is happening, grabbed my bag and jumped away from the path of glass shards. Fortunately no one was hurt, most devastated was the window right next to me and I was able to dodge it.

I will add my bus ticket to this post to prove I was really there and if it hits the news, I will post it here. Now the questio is whether a dream was pointing at this or whether this was a second bad omen :-D


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