Some news

So, I have been feeling drained lately, probably because of having a shifted sleeping cycle for the whole December.

With that being said I moved back to practicing autogenic training and also some chakra work (mainly biju mantras, really).

Except that I am trying to kick myself into the book writing again (speaking about the geomancy grimoire), the main problem is I have a lot of mundane plans for following 3 months and after that I want to finally move to my own domain.

Speaking of that, I have decided to use wordpress as my next CMS system, simply because I am currently too lazy to write my own CMS. Well, not really lazy, I just cannot force myself into using PHP and MySQL again when I got too used to Java EE, JSF, PostgreSQL and few other perks. I actually like the idea of using Wordpress as its plugins pretty much sum all of my needs (and here and there I can code little something for it myself).

Ok, that's it from me for now, just don't forget I am available on facebook now, just look for Frater Akenu, there :).


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