Wax dolls

What is a wax doll
Wax doll is a small figure made out of wax, made in the shape of a human or animal you wish to affect. Wax dolls are a great asset for Magick. These figures have a bad reputation as in movies and certain cultures they are used mainly for maleficient purposes when in fact they are just focal points, they can be used for variety of tasks including blessings, telepathy suggestions, healing and of course, curses.

Why wax
Wax is naturally oily and a little bit moist on touch, these are the properties that a suitable volt materials should have. Speaking of that, any object containing fat, grease, oil, wax or other materials with similar qualities can be used for the creation of the volt, one famous volt creation counts with a dead frog baptised with the name of the victim of this powerful curse.

How to model your own wax doll
It is ideal to have some modelling wax handy as that one is very soft and can be easily shaped by your hands, in case we do not have such a wax handy, here is another solution.

For this method you will need some candles (tea lights are the best option). You will also need some paper, scissors and a cookie cutter of the desired shape.

Light the candles to liquify the wax. Tea lights naturally have their own containers and it's easy to pour the wax from them but if you don't have any, just toss some candles on a pan and liquify the wax there.

As the next part make an outline of your cookie cutter form on the paper and cut it out. This will give us the base for the form so the wax doesn't stick to the surface below. Another benefit is that the paper also holds the wax together during the removal from the cookie cutter and then can also be stripped and used again.

Now place the form on the paper outline and pour the liquified wax in. It doesn't spread as easily as water so make sure to fill the cookie cutter evenly, then let the wax rest and solidify, this takes quite some time. You can figure out when wax is solid by color and also by touch (slightly pushing the wax won't leave there any fingerprints).

Now take the form with solidified wax and gently twist it, this will allow the wax to be separated from the form. Then gently and evenly push the wax doll out of the cookie cutter form. As the last part remove the paper base and your wax figure is finished.

Using the doll
Famous method of using the wax doll is to embed it with something from your "victim", a tooth, hair, fingernails... These can be added into the doll during pouring of the wax. The thing is you don't really need any such item as a visualization and desire are good enough to create the link. Attaching the photo or sigil that symbolises the target also helps greatly.

In case you are going to use needles, make sure to heat their tips first (e.g. in the flame of a candle). This allows the wax doll to sustain more "punishment" as wax is rather melted by the needle instead of broken apart. The wax that is liquified this way also turns black and leaks out of the hole just like blood, making a great visualization aid.


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