Project: Over-Condensing the Light, Day 5

Today and yesterday I have played table soccer with a colleague of mine. I have outmatched him drastically despite the fact we are usually even. It makes me wondering whether my reflexes got better or simply the eye-hand coordination improved (either way would be great). It is not probable the reason would be that my colleague would play worse than usually, I rather noticed I could more easily switch between player rods and position them as needed with minimal effort.

Reiki experiment
I had to do some healing yesterday on my wife. Because my reiki self-initiation ritual still isn't perfect I have decided to use my method of Astral Light invocation for it. I have basically cleansed the space, get tuned-in on the Light, then draw all 5 reiki symbols in 4 cardinal directions and then invoked the Light together with these symbols.

The effect of this experiment was weird. I have felt a little bit numb, like being disassociated with my body. Buzzing (Nada) was very strong, my whole body actuall felt like being in a very strong field of static electricity.

The healing itself wasn't very effective, it randomly moved on the wave between being very strong and overpowering and being completely unnoticeable and powerless. I have also noticed it was easier for me to transmit the energy through my fingertips rather than from my palms as usually. Anyway, the feeling of displacement stayed with me for the most of the night after the healing session.


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