Project: Over-Condensing the Light, day 2

Yesterday was a very interesting day. Generally I have felt more centered but also more alive. The original feeling of heaviness I have mentioned in the last post went away after a couple of hours. It is also interesting that I couldn't felt asleep till 2 am yet I was able to get up at 6 am without any problem. Just to mention why it is interesting: I usually need about 7 - 9 hours of sleep, that can be reduced to 4 - 5 hours if I manage to do all my meditations during the day and before the sleep, but yesterday I did only the morning meditation yet the effect was stronger than usually.

Peer review
I have to say I am also happy I have announced this project publicly because I got a lot of interesting information about what normally happy during over-condensing. On one forum it was mentioned that this practice can attract negative entities which makes a lot of sense as I believe the circle casting works in a similar manner. On another forum I got the information that by over-condensing the astral light I will create vital force, which for me, as a mesmerist, also makes a lot of sense, but the most important message came from Regardie's quote.

Something wrong with Eastern practices
According to I. Regardie's description of Middle Pillar Ritual, this practice can be dangerous for people who didn't work their way through soul mirrors and also for people coming from eastern practices. This part was crucial! For those of you frequently checking Occult Resource you might know they shared an article about chakras. In this article a person who knows Sanskrit really well said that the modern (and especially western) take on chakras is inherently wrong. I really recommend to read the article but anyway, one of the things the author mentioned was that e.g. the current setup of elemental bijas for chakras is dangerous as e.g. for the heart chakra you use bija manta YAM, mantra for the Air element. This can lead to social and emotional problems and he also recommended to use the Earth bija mantra from time to time to "ground" the heart.

Anyway, in that chakra related article it was also said that chakra system wasn't made as anything pre-existing but it was actually intended as a template to create your own energy body (and there also are different chakra templates with different sets of chakras). This project is actually my own experiment in re-designing the energy body and if this project goes well, I will do some permanent changes and maybe I will also post method I am using.

Second session
So, I have finished second session before I started writing this article and I feel pretty similar to yesterday, bit hot and heavy. I should be able to do another session this evening so more information should come after that.


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