Project: Over-Condensing the Light, summary

A full week of this project is behind me so it's a time to make a review. I would say it was an eye opening experience due to a lot of things. As I have mentioned before, the heaviness and numbness that I experienced originally after the invocation quickly went away and more I practised this, more adapted I became to this practice.

I have also mentioned it became way easier to me to wake up in the morning, thinking back about it, I think my energy body had a problem of its own and this routine helped me to clean that one out on multiple levels. Speaking of it, I think it is safe to say that this is an excellent detoxication procedure.

The thing is that I wouldn't recommend it to beginners for multiple reasons. First and foremost, I have already done the essentials. I have worked a great deal through my soul mirrors (introspection and retrospection), I have also a good deal of meditation under my belt so I cannot really say what effects this practice would have on someone that begins in the occult. I can only imagine the effects would be as disastrous as when a beginner just banishes every day. I also can't define any long term effects, not from a week long experiment.

Regarding Reiki
Reiki self-initiation using this method was a very potent experience but I don't think a right one, I work on the self-initiation a long time in general and it still needs a lot of perfection so please don't try that one. Despite the fact that this was my strongest experience regarding reiki yet, it wasn't as stable as I wished it would be and the healing coming directly after this experiment was only a partial success.

The procedure
So, I am going to mention the procedure here as I would like more people to try it and share their experience with me. First of all I would like to reference you to Initiation Into Hermetics (IIH) by Franz Bardon as this procedure is directly related to the pore breathing in the book.

It is also safe to note you should work on your soul mirrors first, you don't need to fix any of it, just make as detailed mirrors as possible, "know thyself" is the key here. Secondly I have made a small change in the pore breathing procedure. Bardon says a breathing should be a little deeper than usual but still natural. I have used my experience from pranayama and tried to make the breathing cycle as slow and deep as possible (we are speaking about 15 seconds for inhale and 15 seconds for exhale with 5 seconds pause in between, but use whatever you can do).

Now to the procedure:
1. Sit comfortably and relax your body
2. Start with pore breathing, inhale and exhale through your lungs same as through the pores (IIH)
3. During step 2 slowly pro-long inhales and exhales till you get to the point where breathing is very pro-longed and hard to notice
4. Imagine everything around you is a pure White Light, continue breathing and hone this visualization to the perfection
5. Start visualizing as with every inhale your body fills with this white light, repeat this process and fill your entire body. It is also good to note that now we use pore breathing only with inhale, exhale only with lungs and focus on the energy to stay in your body (this one is a little bit tricky)
6. Keep inhaling and condensing the light in your body till it's a very dense (visualization of a milk-like fluid in my body helped a lot).

So, this is generally a method I have used from Monday to Sunday (with few tweaks here and there). So, if you already have some experience with IIH, make sure to try this one out and send my some feedback, just remember I do not recommend going over one week for now.


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