Project: Over-Condensing the Light, day 3

So, a little tiredness appeared yesterday in the evening, yet I was still able to wake up this morning (once again sooner than usually).

Today some sort of tiredness also appeared after an hour long meeting but I managed to get rid of it with a very quick invocation of astral light. It leads to the question whether Astral light started getting absorbed faster by my body or whether there is some sort of "leak" that was either unnoticeable before or developed recently.

Either way, this is the third day of the experiment and also first day I also did the evening session. During this session I have noticed another effect, despite the fact that my thoughts flow as usually, I can now easily sort through them and switch between them without any loss of concentration. This easiness is similar to what I usually experience during days without sleep, except in the sleepless days it is usually caused by naturally minimized thinking patterns. Maybe the feeling of being centered I have mentioned during the first day of the experiment is actually caused by this added clarity.

Water dilemma
This is based on another forum I do frequent. One user responded to this project with an interesting point. Water, while being vital, can be lethal when overdosed, while I am thinking of the possibility side effect of "overdosing" on Astral Light, one possibility that strikes me is increased aging, unfortunately that is something I won't be able to tell just during 1 week experiment, but it should be considered before doing permanent changes to the energy body.

Enhanced routine
I have decided that since day 4 I will make the routine a little bit more dynamic. Morning and evening session will stay in the practice as it is, but I am also going to add a conscious astral light invocation to the day for any possible spare time to really get sublimed in this project as much as possible. This should make any side effects more probable to appear during this project but it will also give me a more proper taste of its benefits.

Quick note in the night
So, the sweet wife of mine has blocked her back and I had to fix it, during that I have noticed my physical strength got a noticeable boost, that is interesting.


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