Happy New Year

 Happy New Year, folks, I am back!

You are all wondering, what was with the long hiatus? Truth be told, my practice was severely lacking, and that was even before I stopped posting. I didn't practice for the betterment, instead, I just practiced so I can post here about it. This took several years, and I was even hurt because of it. I remember one such attempt where I tried to evoke an entity into a physical manifestation. The whole result was pretty fuzzy, an arm here or there, fading back and forth. And my first response? Sit down at the computer and start writing, completely disregarding that an entity is currently hovering around, tapping on my shoulder. So, there, I did what a stupid person would do, banishing with a clap. And a few days later? I cut myself with a hatchet while making splinters for a campfire...

As for my practice, a lot of changes happened. First of all, I abandoned the use of all ritualistic tools (no wand, no dagger, no amulets, talismans, etc). And also, no tarot. The last one is actually easy to explain. I got kids now and my tarot deck got damaged (and then lost), instead I started using geomancy, which, quite frankly, is a much better alternative. First of all, I don't need any physical deck and the figures can be generated with many different approaches. Anything from drawing lines in a notebook up to throwing chicken bones. I also found out that geomantic figures can be combined with tarot spreads and even something as generic as the Celtic cross spread can give a lot of useful insights using geomancy.

With that being said, I do not intend to fully abandon the tools, after all, there is nothing that can really replace the black mirror, but I really need some time to charge my old mirror properly.

What else? There is a lot of stuff I can share now considering the years that I shared nothing. It's also bad luck that I have lost contact with many great people, namely because my Facebook account was suspended (Facebook REALLY doesn't like when you don't use your real name, go figure...). I will try to get some of those contacts back, but frankly, many of the New Age people I spoke with are just not worth the effort.

Anyway, with that being said. Happy New Year, and look forward to more. And if you want, just reach out to me via this blog or on Studio Arcanis.


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