Trying to quit smoking

 So, I think you already know that I tried to quit smoking in the past... and failed. The problem was I was usually trying to quit cold turkey, using all my willpower to stop. And people always say the same thing: "First 3 days are the hardest", "First week is the hardest", "First two weeks are the hardest", or "First month is the hardest". The truth is that quitting just sucks. And every single time you relapse, your willpower takes a massive hit, making it even harder to quit next time.

So, the idea came to my mind. Instead of trying my hardest to quit and failing, let's instead use the little willpower left for something that might actually help, Magick...

I have created a sigil for quitting smoking and have been passively charging it the traditional way.

The sigil looks like this:

The mantra associated with the sigil is FERE SATAT KORI

And here is a thing, while using the sigil, I found out that I do smoke less now. As time progresses, the sigil should be charged enough for me to completely stop. I also printed out a smaller version of the sigil so I could put it into the cigarette packet. 

But most importantly, because I know that these mantras usually have their own rhythm, I have decided this time to record myself chanting the mantra and publish it online. This can be used for meditation or even being played on a loop overnight, to affect you while sleeping.

Just keep in mind, while these chants tend to be very mesmerizing, do not attempt to listen to it while driving, as it can make you sleepy.


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