Dangers of Magick

There are few dangers in Magick you should be aware of. This is quite a known topic but I don't remember ever writing about it. Still, you might see that my version is a little bit different.

You become too sure
This is the case of the most beginners. You start practicing Magick, getting results and you start thinking too much about yourself. Easy way how to defeat the arrogance is to remember you are not the chosen one. Hard way is to piss off someone beyond your grade.

You are too out of reality
Some people tend to go to extremes, seeing angels, demons, unicorns and white rabbits everywhere. This world is enough interesting without living in fantasies, remember that. Plus living in a fantasy equals to doing Magick in fantasy, which is about as useful as a lobotomy. Here also comes another sub-category: you are too gullible, don't believe everything anyone says.

You are too grounded
Living in a purely physical world with strict physical rules bears some limitations, including not working Magick. It's mostly because of that little quiet voice in the back of your head saying: "this feat is impossible", having these problems usually leads to abandoning Magick.

You follow too much strictness
Strict rules, strick procedures, strict morals, that's a slow and painful way of becoming lazy and abandoning the Great Work, fast way is eating chips and watching television, plus it's more fun.

To avoid this problem don't be too strict on yourself, your practice should be enjoyable. Experiment and have fun.

You believe in karma
Karma, law of reflections, three-fold law and few others are artifical constructs, they spread like a virus from heart to heart. Time by the time we need to be a bit tough, then these viruses stand in the way. Do you think vodun priests have this problem? No, they don't. Remember: Nothing is true, everything is permitted, keep that in mind.

You take your belief to the professional level
Professional level of belief means you think your religion is the only correct one and you are enforced to shove your beliefs through other people's throats. Calm down, everyone has a right for their religion, everyone also has a right for their privacy and everyone also has a right to beat you to shreds if you limit any of his rights.


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