There is one event from the last week I didn't have time to mention, yet. It was actually quite hard to collect information on it as I wasn't present.

My mother-in-law was trying to force our chickens in a certain direction, and for that she was waving around with a big stick. This stick hit one rooster to the head and he apparently dropped dead.

After this happened my 2yo son found the rooster, grabbed it, put it on a table, sat next to it, petting and talking to the "dead" rooster for a couple of minutes.

Then he grabbed the rooster again, he put it between other chicken and turned around to leave, during that the rooster stood up and went away.

Now, it's very possible that the rooster was just unconscious, but him being knocked out for so long, being carried around and wake up exacty at the moment right after my son put him on the ground...

It was either a very strange coincidence or my son is going to be more powerful than his daddy, I mean way more powerful. After all he is a son of a Magician and a witch.


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