Multiple energies

People still tend to argue with me about energies. Generally they say there are physical and non-physical energies, they can feel them differently, use them differently...

I don't consider that to be bad, I myself believed that too some years ago, I felt thesew different energies, I could even invoke that fancy magickal energy to gain more of it, but from the occult perspective it was like stamp collection, it has no real influence in this world.

Since then I have learned how to recognize and work with real energy, also how to gain this energy, how to make my body to generate more of it.

I usually try to argue with people that you can hardly have separate energies as this would make it possible to do one's will during massive headaches or exhausted after many days without sleep. The problem is that exhaustion is like a love, you can experience something fifty times and believe it's a love, but only when you expereience a real love, you can distinguish it between the rest.

Many people believe that exhaustion is what you get e.g. after 6 hours of martial arts training. Your body has energetic reserves for survival purposes (these reserves can be accessed e.g. by taking caffeine). Exhaustion is when all this energy is depleted, when each of your step is dependent on your will, at the time the only working but malfunctioning part of Self, when you feel your heart acting weird, your limbs are numb, not in pain from training, but numb and each step makes you wonder why you can still stand and why you shouldn't just give up and drop down where you just are, that's the real exhaustion and after such exhaustion it is normal to sleep over 24 hours as the body has to fill these reserves.

Next part people tend to argue about are headaches, there I would like to make something as clear as possible, I always speak about massive immobilizing headaches, those you can't even move while having one. I want to make that clear because people usually reply to this: "No, you can still use the non-physical energy during mild headaches, you can even sometimes make them go away". So for those who are a bit slower: no one was talking about mild headaches.


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