No Meat Report: Day 17

So, nothing much to report, there is nothing better and worse than my usual self would have, maybe except there was some slight malfunction in my left shoulder few days ago, when moving it back and forth there was something jumping off and on again, making a clicking sound and it was slightly painful (more annoying, really).

Maybe what I have noticed I am much more "mindful" person now in that I think about things and philosophy way more now, but that's simply because what I eat now is not as "heavy" and hard to digest, which might sound good but it also has a downfall, a heavy food is a great tool for the relaxation.

I have to say this whole experience made me thinking, maybe I usually eat too much meat? Consider that normally I eat a meat based product at least twice a day and it is recorded that our ancestors normally ate meat just once a week. It's true that this was more based on availability of meat at the time, yet I guess it shouldn't be overdone, but to check that thesis I will have to try me some paleolithic diet as well, but not in September, in September I want to get some normal food into my system.

Anyway, this is an occult blog, so as an occult related blog we should take a look into the spiritual part of the vegetarianism. Honestly, there is rather a gap now and I mean it negatively. I don't know if I am used to this new diet or not, but I simply don't get the "mojo" I used to when eating meat. Maybe this will still turn to better, after all my friend told me it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to get used to the new diet (and it's still not 3 weeks).


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