No Meat Report: Day 5

So, I am kinda tired, which might also be a result of my once again broken sleep cycle, and, I am also way more hungry. While I was eating meat, I was used to much longer breaks between meals, now it seems I get hungry more easily.

I also managed to slip out of the "I can't eat meat" mood yesterday and was able to operate normally without constantly thinking about meat. I know this might sound obsessive, but you should understand I normally eat meat at least twice a day.

This whole thing actually made be to respect vegetarians in a sense. There are so many types of meat and ways of preparing it and if you are lazy to do so yourself, you are free to visit any restaurant or fast food you want. In case of non-meat based meals, restaurants usually have a very limited options (usually fries and fried cheese), thinking about it now, I don't know where I will be going to lunches this whole month as the whole fried cheese thing is already getting ridiculous.

Well, I hope I will resolve the limited lunch problem soon and I will stop being so tired, which reminds me a friend of mine whom I asked about my new diet and he told me I am actually tired because by avoiding meat I reduced my standard fat intake and should add some nuts and oils to my diet. On the other hand my sexual desire decreased too, which is actually kinda relaxing as I spent less time being a creep.


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