No Meat Report: Day 31

So, this is my last day of the vegetarian August. I have managed to spend the whole month wihout any meat (including sea food).

During this whole period I didn't have even one outburst of energy some people like to speak about while talking about vegetarianism. I also still remember the taste, the smell and texture of any type of meat I am used to eat so there also wasn't any forgetting period also mentioned in sync with vegetarianism. My left shoulder also started cracking back and fourth quite painfully during the movement which is why I had to restart the 5 Tibetan Rites to keep me from "falling apart" (it is not THAT bad, but it is annoying).

I am pretty sure that a lot of people will want to tell me "I was doing it wrong". To you, I would like to say: "not eating meat is not a rocket science, all you do is not eating meat". I think all those positive effects people list are simply caused by the fanatism effect and mass "hysteria", you are meant to feel something so you feel it.

I think it would be wrong to speak only about negatives. There of course was a possitive side, as well. I have become much less animalistic during this period, much less tempered. It is a fine change and I hope it will stick up. Anyway, I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow and saying those sweet words: "I have finished the act of will."


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