Pendulum experiment

So, I have executed a series of experiments to find out how pendulums actually work. Some of these experiments were run by me together with my wife, some were run by the former apprentice of mine and some by an old friend of mine.
Experiment #1
In this instance it was needed to check the accuracy of the pendulum itself, so a random 2 cards (one red and one black) were selected. These cards were shuffled and put face down on the table without anyone knowing which card was which. The process was to use the pendulum find the red card. This experiment was within the scope of statistical error.
Experiment #2
In this experiment the person shuffling cards took a peak at the cards before placing them face down on the table, this way the scryer didn't know which cards was which, but there was at least one person who knew. Thanks to this the scrying became accurate (about 80% success rate).
Experiment #3
This one was done together with my former apprentice. Cards were laid face down as before, but instead of using the pendulum, a simple "guessing" was utilized. Results were very similar to those in two previous experiments, that means when there was someone in the room knowing which card is which, the success rate raised dramatically.
Experiment #4
Experiment number 4 was done together with my apprentice. In this case a pendulum was used to showcase the chakra on the hand and its natural spin. My former apprentice had a completely different result as when he was holding the pendulum, it wasn't showing this chakra at all, instead a very strong repulsion or attraction (depending on which hand was being diagnosed) was shown, clearly representing the magnetic and electromagnetic forces of a receiving and transmitting hand.
Experiment #5
Like experiment #4, but with a friend of mine. This time a chakra was shown no matter which one of us did the scrying. More importantly, while I was diagnosing the hands of my friend, he got an idea to flip his hands over. This made the pendulum to go immediatelly in the other direction, thus proving the chakras really are spinning wheels. We have then checked different angles and distances. And this thesis was proven even further.
It is more or less publicly known for a long time that a pendulum is actually operated by the ideo-motoric movement instead of some invisible force and by these experiments it was actually proven.
In a nutshell it means that the pendulum is only as good as its operator. If you notice in our experiments, it was very hard to e.g. select the correct card when no one knew its location and it became fairly easy once someone knew where the card is. This is because telepathy is actually more natural and readily available ability than finding a card that is nearly indistinguishable from the other one on the astral level. Experimentation without the pendulum also further proves this because results with and without the pendulum were nearly the same, showing that pendulums are just tools instead of power objects on its own and what counts in the end is the ability of the scryer.
In case of the chakra diagnosis it was also apparent because my former apprentice was unable to focus on chakras with his analytical and cold-logic mind, instead being shown a very strong effect of attraction and repulsion of the pendulum by his hands. On the other hand, a friend of mind who is able to focus on chakras, had pretty much the same results as I did.


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