Public thanks

So, to put the story short. Today I staid a bit longer in the office because I had to finish some work and I nearly got to miss the last bus home, sounds pretty much like Friday 13th story.

During my travel to the bus I had to go through a traffic lights and a subway. When I got to the traffic lights, lights changed, rendering the task of getting home impossible. Being in hurry I called archangel Metatron, asked for forgiveness for such insignificant event and asked him to help me to get home.

Traffic lights immediately changed and I was able to pass to the next point, subway.

Just when I arrived, train was going to leave, I got there in the last second. Then I appeared at the bus station and nearly missed the last bus home.

Now, when the traffic light didn't change, I wouldn't be able to get home, today.

So, Metatron, I would like to publicly thank you for your help, not being you, I wouldn't be able to catch the bus, you truly are lesser YHVH, most powerful of all Elohim. All glory to God for creating such powerful angel :).


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