Skepticism in occult circles

Today I am going to rant a little about current situation in the occult circles.

Common mundane person takes whole occult as a bunch of @$!#@!!, I get used to that. But why the hell are skeptics in occult circles?

Common transformation of mundane person to occult practitioner contains an esoteric event that cannot be explained by common sense and a new kind of thinking has to occur. Now, common procedure would be for the occult practitioner to start questioning his old beliefs and obtain new beliefs through research and practice.

Unfortunately this is something that doesn't happen. Common procedure today is that:

  1. Something unexplained happens
  2. Mundane person develops a new level of thinking for the specific event and similar events
  3. He still take everything else as a @$!#@!! till something outside is "occult" scope happens and he has to modify his beliefs once again.
This doesn't sound so bad, but it leads to many misunderstanding among practitioners. Different experiences lead to different beliefs and to the root of the argument. In occult you cannot just wait till something smashes you to your face, you have to search it, using method as described above leads to following example:
  1. Ok, so I am in 19 floors high building on the top and there is a hole in this floor. What happens if I jump to the hole?
  2. Oh, I fell down and broke some of my bones, so now I know that jumping into the hole in 19th floor means this, but look, there is a hole in this floor too? What will happen if I jump through this hole?
  3. Repeat
  4. ????
  5. Profit
If some event changes your life and you start seeing occult with new eyes, why do you still have to hold your old assumptions? If you believe in existence of esoteric phenomena, if you believe in Magick, how can you not believe in God? Or most importantly, why do you think that one part is real and the other is fake?

Well, I will tell you, no one is happy to find out he was wrong for his entire life. Not because of some shame, but because that's the exact event that destroys Ego, finding out that all assumptions you made about your life are nothing but just assumptions.


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