About Magick and development

Common expectations

  • Chanting magickal formulae to immediately cause earthquakes and storms.
  • Teleporting.
  • Casting fireballs from your arse.
  • Etc.

Common beginning

  1. You start practicing Magick for any of above common expectations.
  2. You tried something and it seems to work. You are not able to cast fireballs, but for sure you were able to find that place on the full parking lot.
  3. Your ego boosts and you start acting as a all-powerful uber-mage.
  4. Something happens and you cannot manipulate the event.
  5. (in most cases) You give up.

About the development

Development in Magick is a complex and time-consuming process, one needs decades to master Magick. Many people give up the practice because they either don't want to wait for decades or they have a too big expectations or too big Ego to get anywhere.

It's a foolish to interrupt your practice because you don't want to wait for decades to have any results, gaining abilities and powers happens the whole time along the path to mastery and every stage of development is an adventure on its own.

About Ego

Ego is very dangerous thing when it comes to Magick. Your first positive result (even the false one) will feed your Ego and you will have thoughts about how powerful or amazing you are. Dismiss these if you want to get anywhere. There is nothing as mastery obtained in few days in Magick and no matter on which stage of development you are, there is still something better and greater. Don't stop your practice, store you have learned and keep going and act to other people as if they are a step ahead of you, else you will find yourself giving advices they don't want.

Where to learn the basics

  1. Get books and obtain theory
  2. Find teacher and obtain practice
Many people do the mistake of starting on their own. I did this mistake myself and I had to undergo a sequence of mistakes that were very unpleasant and I am still experimenting to the extent.
If you want to learn on your own anyway, learn how to read Aura, how to read Tarot and go to some party to act as a gypsy, don't call me in the middle of night how to banish the demon you just evoked and how to cure a heart attack...

If you want to learn the Magick, but I mean the real practical Magick, find yourself a very good and experienced teacher who will have answer to any of your questions, who will be able to lead you and will always know what to do, else you WILL repeat most of beginners' mistakes and you WILL have a lot of problems. I don't say it's impossible, just very painful. It's learning the things the hard way.

Yeah, you will gain a lot of fun during the practice and you will learn a lot of things on your own, but it stops being funny when something unexpected happens, something you didn't read about, and problems arise, in such case, even your sanity and life can be threatened.


  1. A teacher can be really helpful when you find a good one.

    What I tell people though is that you don't have to be accepted as a "student" or come in to a mentor/apprentice relationship.

    You can find someone whom you admire and learn from them, not necessarily a stereotypical position.

  2. True indeed, this is actually what I consider as a teacher. Common view of person leading you in totally everything has a label of master for me.
    Generally you need a more experienced person to help you to go through some processes else you will end up going in circles.


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