Harsh shower in the morning

Some people really should wake up. I usually don't have many problems with black magicians (unless they cause the problem), but why the hell a young generation is interested in black Magick?

Conjurations of demons, "rule" over forces of "evil", "manipulating" with lives of other people...

All a demon can afford to you is a debt, debt which will screw you, sooner or later. Forget about hell, you are going to taste that in current or next life, as exorcist I have seen few such cases.

People generally consider demons as evil, yet powerful beings and angels are publicly considered as something "holy" and totally useless. In fact, angels are more bad-ass than demons. Demon cannot afford anything beyond your grade, effect is always dependent on your energetic level and on how much the demon will leech from you. Angels will do the change on their own, but they want something else in return.

For example you want a dagger, angel will give you steel and will tell you how to craft it instead of giving you some cheap dagger that was lost somewhere by someone.

And most important topic: "rule" over demons...
Simply no. No matter how much you think you control them, real rule behind this masquerade is a bit different. Demons are always the ones who have the final word, no matter how much all-powerful you think you are, you still are just puppets of their power and when puppeteer loses interest in his puppet, puppet will, in better case, ends up in the corner. Garbage is the worse case.


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