How to begin with Practical Magick


Magick is like a world, a beautiful world that Magicians can explore. Some explores with a good deal of study and dreaming, some perform rituals to please their deities and live in balance with nature. Some are more practically oriented.
Practical Magick is, in my opinion, the most amazing part of this world.  Getting results is a good way how to get rid of natural skepticism we have within ourselves and such results can be easily obtained through Practical Magick.
Before we start with some serious training and serious results, we need to sum up the basics, first.

Learn how to focus

Focusing is first important part of practical Magick. You cannot really influence anything when your mind is wildly changing thoughts and flying somewhere else, your mind must be one for Magick.
For this person I will say a bit about trataka practice. Trataka means gazing and trataka practice is important part of developing solid focus and also strengthening your eyes.


  1. Light a candle and put it in front of you. Distance of 3fts should be enough. Best position is in front of your eyes.
  2. Gaze into the candle flame without blinking. When this is painful, you can put the candle further away.
  3. A lot of thoughts will arrive during this practice, don’t focus on them, just let them flow away and gaze to the candle flame.
  4. When your eyes get watery, close them and rest them. You will see after-image
  5. Try to hold the after-image as long as possible. First try will be in matter of seconds, later it will be matter of minutes. This helps to develop visualization skill.
  6. Repeat from step 2 for about 10 minutes. You can prolong this exercise during your practice.

Learn how to ground yourself

Grounding is an important act of Magick. It helps you to feel at home, to gain energy and to protect you from most basic problems associated with Magick.


Most common procedure

  1. Take few deep breaths, this will help you to get more oxygen to your brain and body
  2. Keep breathing and visualize that roots are growing from your heels going deeper and deeper into the ground with each breath-out. Keep this visualization going for few minutes.
  3. Visualize energy from energy that flows through your roots and through your heels and distributed across your body with every breath-in (keep this visualization going for couple of minutes, too).

By the way. You can also visualize that during breathing-out you send negative energies from your body to the ground where they are locked and transformed into positive energies. Just a little addition :).

Learn how to center yourself

Centering yourself is an important act of connecting fragments of your mind into one functional piece.
Actually it takes a years of practice to get really one unfragmented mind but generally less fragmented your mind is, more useful your mind is and more efficient your spells will be, keep that in mind.

Six shadows 
This is a centering spell, it goes like this:
  1. Take few deep breaths
  2. Visualize your avatar being on the left of you.
  3. Slowly transfer your mental image into your body
  4. Do the same for the right side, for the front, for the back, for the above and for the below
That’s the complete Six shadows spell that will help you to get centered.

Daily practices

Daily practice is the core of practical Magick. It helps you to gain habit, experience and willpower. I will present you with a most time-efficient daily practice currently known to me.
For that reason I will have to break my oath and enforce my belief for once. You can modify this practice if you don’t agree with me, but if I can give a hint. Just believe. Even if it mean just during this practice.
Firstly we will need a prayer beads. Piece of string with 27, 54 or 108 knots will do just fine. Kabbalistic litany I am going to show you should be repeated 108 times in the morning and in the evening.
The litany is AHIH ASR AHIH (pronounced as EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH), this sentence means “I will be who I will be”, I think it’s a good litany for spiritual development. The story goes that this was God’s answer to Moses’ question about God’s real name.
I personally mixed the practice with fourfold breath.


This practice goes as following:

  1. Take few deep breaths
  2. Center yourself
  3. Ground yourself
  4. Breath-in while vibrating the litany in your mind, move with your fingers by one bead
  5. Hold your breath and vibrate the litany once again, once again move with your fingers by one bead.
  6. Vibrate the litany while breathing-out, move by one...
  7. Hold your breath (yeah, without breathing), while vibrating the formula and moving by one bead.
  8. Vibrate the litany again while breathing-in, move by one bead...
  9. Continue till you moved by all 108 beads.

And of course, you should practice trataka at least once per day.


Dreams are important in Magick. Through dreams we can obtain messages from higher planes and through dreams we can learn something about ourselves. Remembering dreams is the first thing you should learn.
To remember your dreams, keep saying a simple litany in your mind. The litany states “I remember all my dreams”. By the way, did you know you have about 8 dreams per night in average? Keep repeating “I remember all my dreams” every night in your head till you fall asleep and in few days you will start recalling your dreams.
It starts slowly, in the beginning, you will remember just some flashbacks, probably black and white. Slowly you will develop bigger recall where you will remember whole stories of your dreams.
To find out what dream meant, write it down. By writing the dream down, you will sort the data first and you will have a hard copy of the dream in case you don’t understand the symbolism, yet. Then, go through each item, color and event in your dreams and ask yourself: “What does it mean?”. Search for meanings and you will get answers :).

Telepathy suggestion

Telepathy suggestion is a simple way how to develop some powers and how to gain some quick results. For practicing telepathy suggestion you need some person that doesn’t know you are about to suggest action to, preferably turned back from you. Look at the back of skull of the subject and keep repeating in your mind: “You have to turn back at me. You have to look at me. You must turn back”.
At first, subject will start getting nervous. Subject will slowly start looking around and after a while, subject will look at you.
Never start this exercise when you cannot finish it and never stop till you get the result. Interrupting action in the middle is a huge shock for your willpower and next time, it will be harder to get results. In opposite case, every time you practice this exercise, getting results will be easier to you.


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