Topic of death is as old as human history and I believe that this topic will be alive till the end of mankind.

Reason is that death is the true mystery. Are we going to the hell? To the heaven? Are we going to reincarnate or we will just cease to exist? Is there anything after death? Maybe a never-ending dream or just a void?

There are three qualities we can use to judge a person's life. Birth, life and death.

You could say that no one can choose the birth but opposite is truth, we do choose our birth conditions and we do choose are bodies. I myself was a witness of spirit of my son descending into his body when he was still in the womb (about the 4th week of pregnancy). Harder birth we choose, bigger persons we are for the start is the most important part of the race and just those that choose furthest possible distance have to put more effort into their victory.

Life is tied to the body, too. During birth we get cards for our little game and with those cards we play the game called life, don't worry about losing because there will be rematch, later. But make sure to do your best to win the game and to enjoy it as much as possible, it seems like a lifetime but our presence in bodies as actually just few moments.

Now we get to the death, the ultimate mystery, just by using common sense we can say that whoever ever find out what is death or what is after death never was alive enough to tell the story, my belief teaches about reincarnation but we never can be sure, right? :)

I have a small wish regarding death. I want to live long enough to see generations of my descendants to grow up. I want to make sure that teachings I will share won't be lost and that every spell I have ever created will be passed to next generation. And when I have enough, I will stop my heart and interrupt my existence, finishing my path of Magick. That's the ideal death for me.

How do you see an ideal death? What does it mean to you? Share in comments section :).


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