How to manifest your desires


This article is a continuation of “How to begin with practical Magick” article. So if you didn’t read the aforementioned article first, do so before reading further in this article because some knowledge from previous article is required for this one.

What is a desire manifestation

Desire manifestation is the most common action you will ever perform in Practical Magick. Same as you create constructs in psionics and you create sigils in Sigil Magick to manifest your desires, you can use a simple spell I will describe below to manifest what you strive for.

Result - planning and analysis

Before we begin with describing the spell to manifest desires, we want to make sure that everything will go as smoothly as possible so the first thing should be the outcome analysis.
In this stage we specify our intent, we name possible blockages and most importantly we imagine a situation where the desire was already manifested. Imagine what will happen next and if you are truly happy with the outcome. What we want is not always what we truly need and in Magick you have to be careful of what you wish for, because you could get it.
In this phase you can also use some divination tool like pendulum, mirror, tarot, to check the situation and possible outcome.

Breath of Will - manifestation spell

Breath of Will is an Air element based spell for manifesting desires. I chose this one as an example because there is no real requisite needed. You don’t need a pen and paper like in Sigil Magick, you don’t need water like in Water Magick, you don’t need to know how to consecrate tools and you don’t need any higher sense to communicate with spirits.
  1. Start with Centering and grounding yourself, this will give us good background.
  2. Realize borders of your body and feel them. We will use these borders as a vessel for our desire.
  3. Start repeating your intent in your mind as a litany and feel your body being filled with this intent. Do so till you feel full of your intent, of its energy. From psionic point of view we use this step to accumulate energy into construct (borders of your body) and programming it (your intent, desire)
  4. When you feel you cannot hold anymore energy accumulated from previous step, move all the energy to your lungs (feeling is good enough) and specify an intent that your desire will manifest the first time that the affected object is exposed to air again. Affected object can be some person, device, building, vehicle, etc.
  5. Breath the desire out of your lungs to the surroundings to manifest it. This is the Breath of Will spell.


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