Wisdom of Kabbalah, part I


Kabbalah is a quite famous and beautiful topic, but unfortunately the most misunderstood one. For that reason I made my mind to create a short series of articles regarding this philosophy, to explain some parts and touch the core of Kabbalah.

During the series it is possible that you will find some words being written differently. Reason is that I am not going to use common convention how to write these words in English, but I am rather going to write the words in manner to simplify the pronunciation.

In the series I am also going to explain common words like sephirots, worlds, lights and I am going to teach you language of branches. Language used to communicate Kabbalah, language used to communicate things that are beyond normal physical comprehension and therefore beyond any mortal language.

What is Kabbalah all about?

This is actually very direct question and very beautiful topic. Topic we will dive deep into during the course of the series but let me give a short summary here.

Kabbalah is the life philosophy based on deciphering ancient sacred scriptures through understanding of language of branches and finding a completely new meaning of aforementioned scriptures. Some people say that Kabbalah is a secret wisdom, but that's not true. Kabbalah doesn't contain any greater wisdom, just the path for obtaining the Wisdom. Once you understand the key, it's not a big issue for you to find the Higher Wisdom behind any scripture, behind any text.

No matter whether you are reading Old Testament or you are chatting with your friend about sport, you will be able to retrieve the higher meaning behind that, the ultimate truth behind the mundane content.

Why do I feel as an authority for teaching Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is my life philosophy for quite some time now and no matter what course of action my spiritual practice took, no matter on how much unknown ground I have found myself, I have always found a solid background in my life thanks to the Kabbalah.

Kabbalah change the greater portion of my life and honestly, it appeared in my life at the right time. Without this higher understanding it would happen a long time happen that I would take my life and ended my existence on this plane. Thanks to this practice I didn't only change my decision but I also found a new power to fight for what was rightfully mine, I found new inner source of power but also a new understanding for literally every system I was studying at the time. Enochian Watchtowers, Tabula Recensa, Hermetic laws, Goetia, Elementalism and even Chaos Magick, that all exposed a completely new meaning under light of Kabbalah, and this is something I want to share with all of you.

Take my words as you will, as a condescending eternal truth, or with a grain of salt, this choice is up to you.


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