Vampire: Finishing line

So, in the end it seems that the partial incantation was enough to loose the leash, yesterday  the victim figured out the problem and ended the relationship. The incantation was finished during the evening by my apprentice, just in case :).


  1. Well, uh, im glad to hear that it was fixed.

    Uh, how do i put this?

    Oh, ok. I got it. I don't particularly like that you hate psychic vampires, but I can't stop you from doing so. I just want to say that not all are bad. Some try to keep from making others miserable.

    So, uh, yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...

  2. It's not like I hate psychic vampires, it's just like with lions. I do not hate lions but I am not happy when I am near one. I do accept the need to feed, in case of vampires as in case of lions same as in my case. I also do kill to eat, I just don't like being the meal.


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