It's strange how things end up sometimes. Two days ago I have finally made the decision to pray. I haven't prayed for about half a year. So many things changed.  I passed one zonei, I conjured foreign deities and entities, petitioned demons, casted some curses... Although I know there is nothing like objective good and evil and that good and evil are just human thing, I still felt morally down to talk to the Highest One...
During the prayer I made a list of everything I did and I thought it was bad, I talked with opened mind and saying out loud what I was thinking, it was more like talking to my old friend than a prayer to the omnipotent being.
Result wasn't a punishment, but a sort of relief, I started feeling much lighter like a heavy brick fell down from my chest.
Yesterday I prayed to God to bring joy and adventure into my life. In the evening we went shopping and guess what I found. Three crystal glasses, waiting there for me. Crystal glass, something I wanted to use for necromantic operations but I couldn't find it anywhere, pure crystal glasses without any engravings and fancy decorations, waiting there for me, silently whispering the name Haniel, angel I used to conjure in God's name to bless the mirror.


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