Better work performance

Yesterday was one of those annoying days that work is slow and you will like complete loser, somewhere around the evening I have used my phone to cast a sigil to do my work better. Today I managed to solve a couple of issues and I also finally found out why my phone sometimes tend to loop in restarting as crazy. From all occasions I recall the restarting happening, it was always a day after I used my phone for sigil magick.
It seems that phone somehow stores the energy and then it lags after phone charging takes place. I guess I will have to ask some technomancer whether he has a similar problem and how to solve it. I usually just use simple Divine Light Manipulation technique to get dark energy out and positive light in, but it's pretty annoying.


  1. On the please side- better days are always coming. :)

    How do you use sigil magick on your cell phone- if you don't mind me asking?
    And technomancer? As in one who practices technomancy? Would you happen to have any information on that?

    Sounds like an interesting day in my opinion!
    I have never thought of using magic through electronics or my cell phone.

  2. I have a notes application on my phone that allows me to write text and draw, when I specify the desire and cross out unneeded letters I then design the sigil and then from remaining letters I create a mantra I then repeat in my mind while focusing on the sigil. This way I don't need to use a death posture and it's much more flexible :).

    Technomancy is not very popular system but I remember reading something about it on Chaos Matrix, theoretically I could create some articles for beginners regarding technomancy.

  3. Ohh, nice method! :)

    That would be amazing, if you can! :)

  4. You're looking in the wrong place. The problem is your sigil acts upon everything it can reach. Try to define your action more accurately, derive from it the field of action and act upon this field only.
    Just another example of the same problem in your blog:
    "Treat people, not their disease" © Hippocrates
    Good luck :)

  5. Interesting things you say, Icemagic Fern, but won't defining the action more accurately limit amount of possible ways how to manifest?

  6. It will. But I don't think you need more than 1 way. You need result but not the manifestation don't you?

  7. True indeed, but one thing is you cannot always fully understand the current situation and which situation is more probable for your desire to manifest. Time by the time your wish manifests in the most improbable. You can wish to find money on the street but it might not happen but if you wish just to obtain money, you can get an unexpected gift from your old friends, find money on the street or also by accident find a winning ticket to the lottery.
    Reality has its own ways how to manifest your desires and sometimes it's not wise to limit your chances by trying to micro-manage your spells.

  8. It's not the best example - you can find your money in the street and you don't even need magic to accomplish this, something like NLP would be enough. But I understand you. Try to look at this form the other side. Let's say you need to heat your home. You burn the fire here it is. But if you open windows wile heating your house you heat it from outside too. :)
    Exclusion indeed means limitation, but sometimes it's more effective and less harmful than spreading.
    BTW, why to manifest and not to affect?


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