Beauty of the hexagram

Hexagram. Beautiful symbol. Symbol of balance, symbol of noble Magick, but is that enough for post-modern time?

Here is the standard hexagram, the star of David, the Solomon’s seal, interconnection of heaven and earth

Fire element sign highlighted on the star

Water element highlighted on the star

Air element highlighted on the star

Earth element highlighted on the star.

Symbol of balance

Now let’s try something different, let’s add 2 diagonal lines and I will quickly explain to you why I call this one the symbol of balance, the better version of hexagram.

Pentagram highlighted on the star

Reversed pentagram highlighted on the star

Crowley’s uni-corsal hexagram, symbol of Thelema, highlighted on the star.

Although the hexagram already is a symbol of balance from hermetic sense of view, I find the new symbol to be more fitting for the post-modern age. This new hexagram seems to be more suitable to show the balance of different practices, of different paradigms, it’s a fitting symbol for Hermetic as well as Chaos Magick. For White as well as for Black Magick. It can be used in theurgy as well as in thaumaturgy.

From now on I declare this symbol to be symbol of the middle hand path and symbol of my paradigm for everything is in there and everything is in perfect balance. Nothing is outstanding, everything is included.


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