2nd Grade, Week 5: Servitor creation using elements

What is a servitor?
Servitor is a general term for any type of spirit, servitor can refer to angel, demon, deity or an elemental (artifical spirit, don't mix with elementary spirits). Servitor is basically a spell with certain extent of individuality and intelligence. Servitors can be eg info gatherers or can be used in workings where you expect difficulties and a certain level of reasoning is required. In other words a servitor can dynamically change a course of action to meet the desired outcome.

Every servitor should have a defined lifespan (unless we speak about elementary spirits), eg till it finishes his task or after a certain timespan. You can also create a charging formula and simply stop charging the servitor when you want your servitor to fade away.

How to create the servitor using elements
After we have clearly specified the intent why to create the servitor and chose a suitable element for the creation based on occult correspondences, we can start with the process of creation.

Relax (as usually) and accumulate the suitable element. Then close your eyes and imagine a vast universum. This universum is within you but whatever happens there, happens in your waking life, as well.

In that space visualize the accumulated element flowing into the center and forming the body of your servitor. How should he look? What appearance is suitable for the task? Build your servitor step by step, let yourself be led by reason same as by intuition.

Once our servitor is finished, we should specify its intent and lifespan, this will assure the intent will be followed. After this is done we can go for the final step, give the servitor some name and use that name to command the servitor to become living and that's it.

If you wish to recharge the servitor, just accumulate the used element, then call him into the internal universum where you created him and visualize the element flowing into his body.


  1. for use Sigil Servitor creation using elements
    most visualize fire energy and focusing on the
    intent 10min finished, say out loud your servitor's name and purpose.
    finished, accumulate the element Force into your lungs, then exhale
    three times on the Sigil, before each exhale say: "Be living!". Then you're finished.

    it is ture?

    1. how can public it? and set 10 legions for my servitors?


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