2nd Grade, Week 4: Power of subtle influences

We hate direct commands because we like to keep our free will, our freedom to do whatever we like. Direct order is like an attack on our rights. On the other side if we change the straight command into subtle message that passes the filter called consciousness, we can implant a seed into the subconscious part of the mind, seed that will hopefully blossom into action.

I have already presented this idea with the coffee example, so let's talk just about possibilities.

Reversed sound
Favorite method presented in movies, I have actually never seen this on working

Cryptic message
Just like the coffee example, sentence hidden in another, works quite often.

Cryptic picture
One picture holding hidden message, usually encoded into the image using steganography. This message can be a short text or a visual part of the picture, it can be eg your favorite cartoon character holding some Starbucks coffee or a stage built in the way that makes you to always choose a triangle from a set of available shapes (yes, environment is pictorial, as well).
This actually applies to people as well, people you meet every day, wearing certain clothes and accessories, less apparent their influence is, more it will be working.

Soft "hints"
Amazing method where you say just "hints" in innocent questions and you let the imagination of your subject to do the rest. Amazing example is in Shakespeare's Othello. Othello is actually forced to choke his wife by "innocent" chat that makes him thing that she is cheating on him. Truly amazing piece of work.

Of course there exist combinations of aforementioned and also many many more, starting with body postures and tone of the voice and ending with hidden frames in movies, but I guess this is enough for the fourth week. After all, this week is supposed to make you aware of such processes, not to enslave humanity, but to protect yourself better.


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