2nd Grade, Week 6: Basics of hypnosis

This course is mainly about Mesmerism, so here we will learn how to induce hypnotic states using energy. But before that I would like to tell you that you are not allowed to hypnotize people without their permission.

Hypnosis is good for a couple of reasons. First of all it allows us to heal certain problems (mainly phobias, rarely it can cure psychosis, but most of the time it just worsens psychotic states). Secondly we could meet a somnambulic subject with a good level of lucidity, therefore gain a powerful medium for our Great Work.

How to recognize a suggestible person
First of all, the person must be willing for this test. Put your hands on the back of the subject and tell the subject to close his/her eyes. Accumulate your Vital Force and extend it into the subject. After few moments put your hands away, if the person started falling on you, you just met a good material for hypnosis.

Another test is to tell the subject to imagine a black dot on the ceiling, then to close eyes and imagine the dot going back and forth, with each iteration this movement is longer and longer. If the person was moving with the dot or even fell over, you found a good subject

How to release a person from a hypnotic trance
It's my humble opinion that we should learn about the release before we go for the hypnosis. First of all, the subject should be in a state of lethargy (body numbness), later states require special procedures, but more of that later.

To release the person, give it a following command: "After I count down from 10 to 1, you will be fully awake and feeling refreshed and happy.
10, you feel great
9, you are returning back
8, 7, 6, you feel your body again
5, 4, 3, you're waking up
2, 1, open your eyes",
then snap your fingers and the person is fully back from hypnotic trance.


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