2nd Grade, Week 5: Servitor creation using Vital Force Manipulation

Specify the intent, shape and name of your servitor and create a Sigil for him. This Sigil will be used for calling and commanding him.

Place the Sigil in front of your eyes and use it for the means of focal meditation. During that time visualize the servitor and some scenes or events when he follows his intent, accomplishing your goals.

After ten or so minutes start with the Vital Force accumulation, still focusing on the intent. After the energy is accumulated, place your hands above the Sigil (in the manner that allows you to still see the Sigil) and let the energy flow into it, during that say out loud your servitor's name and purpose.

After you are finished, accumulate the Vital Force into your lungs, then exhale three times on the Sigil, before each exhale say: "Be living!". Then you're finished.


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