2nd Grade, Week 5: Enchantment using elements

What is enchantment
Enchantment is a process of charging some non-magickal object with Magickal energy, therefore creating a Magickal object. Magickal object can be a charm, talisman, amulet or a tool. Charms and talismans are basically to bring you luck, wealth, happiness, etc, amulets are for the means of protection and tools are used in Magickal practice.

Why to enchant objects with elements
Elemental correspondence is one of the simplest, you pick a reason, then you find corresponding element and you are ready to charge, no messing around with planetary correspondences is needed.

Procedure of enchanting the object
First of all specify what you want to achieve and find some suitable object (don't use eg socks to bring you money).
After you have acquired suitable item you should cleanse it. Let it bathe in the smoke of White Sage and during that say a following incantation: "Creation of [object type], I [your Magickal name] command thee, be cleansed of all material delusion and dissolve in the holy fire of the Sage. Abandon your physical vessel, abandon your current state of existence and become as I say."

After the object is cleansed you can start with the elemental charging. For that purpose accumulate the selected element into your body while holding the intention in your mind, intention of what do you want to achieve.

Once that is done, place your hands above the object and let the energy transfer into the object, during that you can also say a following incantation: "Creation of [object type], you dead creature, I charge you with the power of [element]. Don't keep me waiting, fulfill my wish and accomplish my desires, arise and be living".

After all the energy was transferred into the object, you can say following incantation: "Creation of my Will, awaken, open your eyes and follow my destiny, join my journey and help me accomplish my goals, that's why you were created, that is now your destiny, spirit of creation I conjure thee."

How long time will the charging persist
This really depends on the type of the object, its material and your mood, but basically a completely unsuitable object might stand charged for about a month. Later I will show how to create a fluidic condenser that will improve the effects of the charging.


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