2nd Grade, Week 5: Enchantment using Vital Force

Whether you are not the elemental type or you do not want to use elements for particular working, there is a way of enchanting objects using your vital force.

Specify the intent
First of all you should relax your body and your mind (see 1st grade) and form the intent in your mind. You should also visualize the process and the expected result of your intent, don't also forget to visualize how will your life progress once your goal is finished. If this is what makes you happy, feel free to continue with the enchantment.

The procedure
So, we have the object we wish to enchant in front of us, we are relaxed and we have a clear intent formed in our mind. Now we should accumulate the Vital Force while still holding the intent in our mind, let the energy to engulf your body, bathe in it.

Once the energy was accumulated, move your hands above the object you wish to enchant, let the energy to flow into the object and to stay there, fixate the energy in the object with your concentration, keep focusing on the process for a couple of minutes.

Once you are done, accumulate the Vital Force into your lungs and exhale on the object, repeat this three times. Now the whole procedure is finished.


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