2nd Grade, Week 6: Lethargy

What is lethargy
Lethargy is the first hypnotic state, in this state the body of the subject is numb, the subject appears to be asleep. In this state it is also possible to program commands to be executed after certain events (Attention: not every suggestible person is suggestible to commands, as well)

Principles of hypnosis
Few things we should consider before attempting to perform the mesmeric hypnosis. Firstly, your subject must give you a permission for hypnosis.
Secondly, never force your subject into something he doesn't want or is against the law.
And finally, never ever quit the session before your subject is fully awaken (the reason will become obvious once we learn how to induce Somnambulism)

Inducing lethargy verbally
Tell your client to sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths and explain to him that you will want him to cooperate, eg to close his eyes when you tell him to, or to simply follow your instructions. He should also have his hands on the lap.
The instructions:
"I would like you to breathe deeply and slowly. Turn your attention to your body, notice that with each inhale your hands are heavier, pushing more and more into your legs.
Notice your arms are getting very warm and heavy, but it's a pleasing feeling, notice also that with each exhale you feel more and more relaxed.
I will count to 5 and I would like you to close your eyes after I am finished.
1, your eyes are feeling very warm.
2, your eyelids are getting heavier.
3, you are feeling very sleepy.
4, and relaxed
5 (no pause here) close your eyes.
You are falling asleep, deeper and deeper into your unconsciousness, after I count up to ten, you will be completely asleep and completely relaxed."
Now count up to ten, very slowly, with each numer being said in more quiet voice than before, 10 should be whispered.

Inducing lethargy using a Vital Force
Once again, for these two methods your subject should be sitting comfortably. Grab your subject's thumbs with your hands (left hand grabs the right thumb and right hands grabs the left thumb), this creates a circuit. Gaze into one of the eyes (right eye usually works the best) of your subject with the intention to make him fall asleep, this usually takes about 2 or 3 minutes, you can add verbal suggestion to this method if you feel it takes too long or you can quickly switch to the next method.

Grab both thumbs of your subject with one hand (forming fist around these thumbs), with other hand rhytmically wave up and down in the front of your subject's upper and lower part, about 10 waves for upper body and then about 10 waves for the lower body, repeat till your subject falls asleep, here you can also add verbal suggestion but it's hardly ever needed.

Upper and lower part of the body
By the upper part of the body we mean head, neck and shoulders, waving in the upper part rhytmically interrupts the fixed eye contact, which also adds to the effect.
by the lower part we mean from the chest down to the belly button.
Don forget, the waving should be in the rhytmical up/down pattern, about 10 repetitions for the upper part of the body and THEN about 10 repetitions to the lower part. You should also remember that a certain distance between your waving hand and your subject's body is recommended, you should be in the personal zone, but not in the intimate one.


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