Vacation's over

My vacation is officially over today. I am currently going to have a sleepless night so I can fix my twisted sleep cycle (being used to sleep 6AM - 3PM during vacation). So, let's make an overview of goals I had for the spare time:

1) Enjoy time with my family: partially done. I spent a lot of time with my son but frankly as soon as he felt asleep I went for the drink.
2) Finish the enlightenment ritual: Not even close. I have all the notes I need but I still have to compile it.
3) Read some Terry Pratchett's novels: 2 novels read, I am in about a half of the third one.
4) Write new book: He he, didn't find time for that. Maybe I will do just some compilation of my previous articles.
5) Create new invocation ritual: Done, done and done.
6) Keep up with the daily routine: Not even close. I kept doing the Five Tibetan Rites for about the first five days of the vacation, then my lazy self kicked in and training regime was over. I kept with the meditation exercises though and even created some new forms of customised meditation routine.
7) Read Faust: Didn't get there
8) Read the Experimental Psychology by Kafka: Unfortunately didn't have time for that.

Just a side update: Last year there was a weather forecast that the Christmas will be snow-less. I did all I could and there truly WAS some snow during the Christmas and it wasn't as muddy as forecasted. This year I didn't do any effort to save the Christmas and there was no freakin' snow.


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