Magick is meant to be used

Many people nowadays take Magick as something abstract, mystical, thinking you can reach higher wisdom and mystical experiences by reading about it.

If you want a good read, go for The Discworld. If you want to improve your life or even get yourself out of the dump, do Magick.

Magick is a tool, created for some purpose, and as a tool, it wants to be used for that one purpose. Consider a knife, the tool created for cutting. It wants to cut and it doesn't matter whether you use it to slice bread, carve into wood or use it for the self-defense, that's its purpose. But you won't make the knife to sing, it doesn't sing. Grab the knife into the hand and feel its resonance, try to hear what it wants you to do, feel your hand trembling, slowly waving the knife, letting it's blade taste the air moving around it, trying to fulfill its destiny, its purpose.

It's the same with Magick. Magick is a tool and has a purpose. Many New Age practitioners tried to use Magick for something else and failed. Many RHP practitioners were tricked by the "dark side" to taste the power. There isn't really any "dark side", just Magick wanted to serve its purpose. You won't teach the knife how to sing and you won't slice breads with headphones.

Practice is what makes Magick powerful, practice is what makes it real and undoubtful, practice is what makes results. Reading about Magick is like reading about craftsmanship, it won't improve your ability to actuallt make amazing pieces of art, it just might give you a technique or two to make it look better, but hands-on is the thing that improves the art.


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