Sigil design

What is a sigil design?
Sigil design is a personal way of an individual using Sigil Magick. It's the style one develops through frequent use of Sigil Magick. The design is influenced by the method a practitioner uses for the Sigil creation, his personal background and also his personal tastes.

Some Sigils are drawn.with a lot of curls, some contain flowers, crosses (as in old grimoire books), some are more smooth or sharp, some are even used as a filling within geometric symbols (mostly rectangles and circles, but squares and triangles can also be found, rarely even more complex geometry can be found), some are symmetrical in two or more sides.

The design can also be used as an individual's signature. If you see your friend's Sigil you should be able to recognize its origin based on the design. Sometimes the Sigil even clearly gives away the intent without any use of clairvoyant and scanning techniques.

Why is the Sigil design important?
Sigil design influences the success of the Sigil. Whether you need more complex Sigils so you can easily forget them or your unconsciousness prefers simplicity and complex Sigils won't work for you. Same it goes for sharp and smooth edges, geometry, symmetry, fillers in a style of ancient grimoires, alchemy symbols or planetary correspondences.

How do I acquire my own Sigil design?
1. Be creative. Don't be scared to experiment and mark your results
2. Study. Studying grimoires and Sigils of your friends can give you some inspiration
3. Practice. More Sigils you make, more developed and obvious your style will be.
4.  Log and compare your results. By having a log of Sigils that worked and of Sigils that didn't work, you can easily spot working patterns in your Sigils and build your style around them.
5. Rinse and repeat. Don't be scared to do the Sigil differently if the first time it didn't work or you weren't satisfied with the resulting Sigil.


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